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A Beginner's Guide to Ukulele Fun by Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

Original Artwork by Steve Einhorn. 20-Song!  Playalong CD & Flip Flaps Included. Second Edition! Made in USA

Only $19.95 (plus shipping)



Soprano, Concert & Tenor Ukulele Chords.  Level One.  For ages 10-100.  ISBN: 978-0578030623

The Ukalaliens® Songbook (featuring folding FLIP-FLAP chord charts) is a fun way to learn how to play, sing and make music on songs you love to sing using the ukulele.  Using a fun, stress-free method and simple number system, you will learn how to play the ukulele and change keys to fit your voice with ease. Songs:


You Can Play the Uke DVD 1 You Can Play the Uke DVD 2

You Can Play the Uke! Homespun DVDs

$19.95 Each or Buy 2-DVD Set for $34.95 or Deluxe 2-DVD Set with Ukalaliens® Songbook & Companion CD for only $54.95 and save! (Plus Shipping)


Uke DVDs
Ukalaliens Have More Fun!


DVD One - Start Strumming with the Ukalaliens®, Level 1, One hour, Music and tab file on DVD to View or Print. Instructions included.

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument but never thought you could? Well, the ukulele is the perfect way to get off the sidelines to join in the fun! This friendly, encouraging lesson will help "listeners" become "players." In minutes you'll be singing out loud and strumming along on favorite traditional songs - even if you've never played a note before!

Kate & Steve , the creators of the Ukalaliens® method, have taught thousands of people to shed their inhibitions and start making music.  Here, they show you how to hold your uke, tune it up, put your fingers on the strings and start playing your first chords.  You'll learn how to strum simple rhythms and even start some basic fingerpicking.

Songs: The More We Get Together, You are My Sunshine, Home on the Range, I've been Working on the Railroad and much, much more!

DVD Two - Learn, Play and Sing Along with the Ukalaliens®, Level 2, 1 hr. 20 mins, Music and tab file on DVD to View or Print. Instructions included.

You've learned the basics of this wonderful little instrument on DVD One.  Now it's time to really start playing it!  Kate and Steve show you new chords and how to play in several keys, along with the techniques to make it all more interesting; strumming, fingerpicking, hammer-ons, damping, harmonized scales and other easy but effective techniques.

You'll learn to play eight songs that will open the door to hundreds - perhaps thousands - of other popular traditional songs. Kate and Steve keep it all fun and easy, making this the perfect lesson for near-beginners and anyone else who wants to make music on the ukulele.

Songs: Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Guabi Guabi, These Are My Mountains, Careless Love, Crawdad Song, Under the Moon, Redwood, Shady Grove